June 5, 2015

Azure Pack - Error 500 on Admin/Tenant portal

I have test deployment of Azure Pack in my lab. Signing certificates (WindowsAuthSite and AuthSite) were expired after default 1 year period. As result I get error 500 when try authenticating via portals (Admin and Tenant). Also there is integration with ADFS that was done by following guide. I found some blog post about this ussue. I put links here and here. All of them are based on running configuration site wizard again so new self-signed certificate is generated. I found more simple way to achieve this. You can generate new certificate. Assign it to IIS site through the bindings settings and then run Set-MgmtSvcRelyingPartySettings again for Admin and Tenant targets. Restart ISS and everything works. 

BTW if you apply an Update Rollup you will have your self-signed certificates updated. Here is information from Azure Pack UR 6. "If you are using the original self-signed certificates installed by WAP, the update operation will replace them".

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