PowerShell Scripts

Exchange Online - Get-MailboxStatisticsDetails
Gets detailed mailbox statistic information in Exchange Online

PowerShell - Sea Battle (Battleship) game
PowerShell game. Create 5 submarines and play against computer. Computer generates unique moves and ship placement every new game.

PowerShell - Listen TCP Port
PowerShell Script to open TCP port and listen for connections. This script can be used to test firewall rules for Windows Servers located in different subnets, DMZ etc. 

This PowerShell script gets Calendar Permissions report within your Exchange organization. It also can get a report from Office 365.

This PowerShell script generates report about User Profile Disks including accounts information from Active Directory. 

This PowerShell script compares Group Policy Objects versions between specified Domain Controllers. It is used to identify GPOs, which are not replicated properly or have versions mismatch. 

This PowerShell script extends functionality of Get-MsolGroupMember cmdlet from Windows Azure Active Directory Module. It adds GroupDisplayName, GroupEmail and GroupType to output for every group member. 

This PowerShell script searches Active Directory domain joined computers and servers, gets information about services and provides a report about service accounts. It shows services that are run by any active directory account or by any local account. 

This PowerShell script provides network configuration report of Active Directory domain joined servers and workstations. It contains information about server name (DNSHostName), network interface description (Description), IP Address, MAC Address, default gateway and DNS servers. 

This PowerShell script checks all your standalone or clustered Hyper-V servers for existing VM checkpoints including size. 

This powershell script provides information about Exchange Online mailboxes. It includes following attributes: FirstName, LastName, DisplayName, Alias, UserPrincipalName, Office, Department, TotalItemSize, LastLogonTime, RecipientTypeDetails and basic licensing information.

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