March 9, 2017

Exchange - Connect a disabled mailbox

Easy way to restore a mailbox if you accidentally removed it. Simply reconnect it back using steps described here.

But sometime a removed mailbox doesn't show up as a disconnected one. In this case you need to synchronize the mailbox state with its AD account using Update-StoreMailboxState cmdlet.

First of all find a MailboxGuid and Database name of removed mailbox:
Get-MailboxDatabase | Get-MailboxStatistics | Where { $_.DisplayName -eq "Display Name" } | ft DisplayName,Database,MailboxGuid 

Then update the mailbox state:
Update-StoreMailboxState -Database DBNAME -Identity MailboxGUID

Then the mailbox will show up in disconnected mailboxes as well as DisconnectReason attribute will be updated. The mailbox will be ready to reconnect.

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