October 30, 2016

Get-UPDReport - User Profile Disks report

This PowerShell script generates a report about User Profile Disks including accounts information from Active Directory.

The report contains the following attributes:
FullName - full path to UPD file.
LastWriteTime - time when UPD was last modified.
Size - file size in MB.
SID - Active Directory account security identifier.
AD_Account_Name - Active Directory account name.
AD_Account_UPN - Active Directory account user principal name.
AD_User_Enabled - information if account is enabled or disabled.
AD_User_LastLogon - Active Directory account last logon time.

Access to UPD path and Active Directory PowerShell module.

Usage examples:
# Gets report where UPD files location is “\\Share\UPDs\”.
.\Get-UPDReport.ps1 -UPDPath "\\Share\UPDs\"

# The same as above but an output will be saved in Report.csv file.
.\Get-UPDReport.ps1 -UPDPath "\\Share\UPDs\" | Export-Csv Report.csv

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