July 24, 2016

Compare-GPOs.ps1 - comparing GPO version numbers across Domain Controllers

This PowerShell script compares Group Policy Objects versions between specified Domain Controllers. It is used to identify GPOs, which are not replicated properly or have versions mismatch.

As example I will use Active Directory domain called "AD.FEDENKO.INFO" and 2 domain controllers "DC01"and "DC02".

I will create a test Group Policy called "Test_GPO" shows below.

July 9, 2016

Group Policy - Processing Order

I think one of the most important things in administering Active Directory (AD) is the understanding of Group Policy processing order. In this blog post I will highlight this process and provide some examples. Also it will include an explanation of Loopback processing and Group Policy enforcement. 

I will create the following Organizational Unit (OU) structure for tests.

There will be Group Policy objects (GPO's) for each Organizational Unit including Domain and Site.

As result TestSubOU Organizational Unit will have the following GPO's assigned.