September 8, 2015

Get-ADComputerNetConfig - Server Network Configuration Report

This PowerShell script provides network configuration report of Active Directory domain joined servers and workstations.
It contains information about server name (DNSHostName), network interface description (Description), IP Address, MAC Address, default gateway and DNS servers configuration.
The script searches Active Directory computers (it skips disabled objects) and queries network configuration.

Script usage scenarious:
# Searches all active directory servers/workstations and gets network information.

# Searches all servers and exports data to Report.csv file.
Get-ADComputerNetConfig -File "C:\Folder\Report.csv"

# Searches all computer objects in specific Active Directory Organizational Unit (including sub-ou's).
Get-ADComputerNetConfig -OU "OU=Servers,DC=contoso,DC=com"

# Export results to csv file.
Get-ADComputerNetConfig -OU "OU=Servers,DC=contoso,DC=com" -File "C:\Folder\Report.csv"

# Get network configuration of single server.
Get-ADComputerNetConfig -ComputerName Server1

# Single server network configuration to CSV file.
Get-ADComputerNetConfig -ComputerName Server1 -File "C:\Folder\Report.csv"

At the end of the script you will get Script Summary with success/errors counters.


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