July 24, 2014

System Center Operations Manager 2012 R2 - Dell Management Pack

In this post will show 2 unsupported ways for monitoring old Dell server hardware using Dell Management Pack 5.1 and System Center Operations Manager 2012 R2. First one is to allow monitoring servers with old OMSA and second way actually install unsupported version of OMSA on old hardware. Dell Management Pack requires OpenManage Server Administrator version 5.5 or higher. In my example I have pretty old Dell PowerVault 775N - Rackmount NAS Appliance with OMSA 2.1 installed. Obviously, it is shown as Unmanaged Server. It can be checked in Authoring - Groups - Dell Unmanaged Windows Servers by clicking "View Group Members".

First of all we need to enable logging and shorten interval for discovery process:
Go to Authoring - Discovered Type: Dell Monolithic Server (1) - Dell Server Discovery

Click on Overrides - For a specific object of class: Windows Computer and select server name that you want to monitor.
Override "Log Level" from 0 to 1 and "Interval Seconds" from 86400 (24 hours) to for example 600 (10 minutes).

In 10 minutes when next discovery cycle occurs log file (C:\Windows\Temp\Discovery_DellServer.log) will be created. You can see following log entries:
---- INFO: OMSA URL : OMSA Version : 2.1.0
---- INFO: UnManaged Server object created. Reason: Unsupported OMSA Version. System: SERVERNAME.EXAMPLE.LOCAL

Next step is to tune discovery to support current OMSA 2.1 of our server:
Go again to Authoring - Discovered Type: Dell Monolithic Server (1) - Dell Server Discovery
Click on Overrides - For a specific object of class: Windows Computer and select server name.
Override "Minimum OMSA Version" from 5.5 to 2.1.

Look into Discovery_DellServer.log file after next discovery cycle and you will see:
---- INFO: Function: Dell System Model : PowerVault 775N
---- INFO: OMSA URL  : OMSA Version  : 2.1.0
---- INFO: Dell_RemoteAccessServicePort attributes retrieved successfully
---- INFO: RemoteAccessServicePort object retrieved successfully
---- INFO : Script - Dell Server Discovery : End()

We can also avoid overriding Object Discoveries and install higher OMSA version on old hardware. This way is also not supported and can be implemented by your own risk. To achieve this run in CMD following command:
C:\OpenManage\windows\SystemsManagement\msiexec /i SysMgmt.msi SYSTEMCHECK=NO

In this example I install OMSA 6.5 on old PowerVault 775N server but with one drawback. Storage management component in this case is not available and as result we will not be able to monitor server storage events via System Center. To avoid this situation there is one another (also unsupported) trick to install OMSA. We can look into hwlist.ini file in OMSA installation folder - C:\OpenManage\windows\PreReqChecker and tune it by removing "0130=PV775N" entry from [OMSM-excluded] and adding it to [SystemsSupported] and [RAC3] fields. Then run installation of OMSA and storage management component will be available for installation now.

PS. It works great in lab environment but I don't suggest to implement it in production.

July 8, 2014

Lync 2013 clients and ADFS 3.0 logon issue

Mobile clients are not able to log on to the Lync Online. This example represents simple configuration with two NLB clusters. First one for Web Application Proxy (new feature in Windows Server 2012R2 which works as service of Remote Access Role) and second NLB for ADFS. 

If we run Microsoft Remote Connectivity Analyzer we get following error:

Couldn't sign in. Error: Error Message: No common authentication method detected..
Error Type: AuthenticationException.
Error Code: 0.
Realm: SIP Communications Service.
Response Code: 401.
Response Text: Unauthorized.

To fix this issue we have to add certificate on both NLB clusters:
1. Get "Certificate Hash" and "Application ID" using "netsh http show sslcert" command.
2. Add Certificate:
netsh http
add sslcert ipport= certhash="Certificate Hash" appid="Application ID"
The output should be: SSL Certificate successfully added.

PS. Mobile clients started working successfully without issues but Remote Connectivity Analyzer still shows errors.

July 5, 2014


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